Advisory Board

For quality assessment, MULTIPLIERS will be continuously assisted by the project’s Advisory Board (AB). The AB will be responsible for supporting the quality review process from an independent and external perspective.

The following international experts on science education are part of MULTIPLIERS’ Advisory Board:

Prof. Shirley SIMON

Shirley Simon is Emeritus Professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education of the University College London. She began her research career in the 1980s and her areas of expertise include science inquiry, teacher education, progression in learning, socio-scientific issues and argumentation pedagogy. She has published research articles and books internationally since 1990.

Role: Scientist/Researcher
Country: UK
Area of Expertise: Argumentation in science education

Prof. Christian BERTSCH

Christian Bertsch, professor of science education at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna. His research focuses on the outcomes of continuous professional development for science teachers and students’ conceptions of the nature of science. He is chairman of the Austrian Association of Didactical Research and coordinates different key actions on improving STEM education in Austria (

Role: Scientist/Researcher
Country: AT
Area of Expertise: Primary science education and science communication


Robin Bosdeveix is the Director of the National Institute for Teacher Training (Inspé) at the University of Paris Est-Créteil (UPEC). As an Advisory Board member, he ensures the projects’ quality in science education.

Role: Inspector
Country: FR
Area of Expertise: Quality of science education

Boguslawa Luka

Boguslawa Luka is a strategist and co-founder of the Polish NGO Children’s University. Her work focuses on the coordination of projects related to teachers’ training, school headmaster training, increasing pupils’ interest, and key competencies in science by inviting them to educational projects. At Children’s University, she established a sustainable educational community.

Role: Strategic partnerships
Country: PL
Area of Expertise: Educational consultancy

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