Forest use vs. Forest protection toolkit


Anna Lodén, Helen Forsgren, Christina Ottander, Lina Varg, Jenny Hellgren and Ulrika Nohlgren


Umeå University

Forests are one of our most important natural resources, and part of the solution to the global and local socio-environmental challenges we face. People and stakeholders have different interests in forests, underpinned by environmental, economic, cultural and social values. Often, these interests and values conflict with one another. How to manage forests is a complex and highly topical issue.

This toolkit uses real-life examples on the subject of forests to increase students’ commitment and willingness/ability to discuss complex topics and trade-offs, to make decisions based on economic, ecological, cultural, and social perspectives, to find compromises, and to develop different pathways for action.


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  • Forest use Vs. Forest protection


  • More than 10 hours