Forests toolkit #5 – Design of sustainable products from forests


Lina Varg, Christina Ottander and Jessika Lagrelius


Umeå University

This teaching and learning sequence are suitable for students ages 10 -14, concern education for sustainability and integrate several school subjects, e.g., science, technology, entrepreneurship and social science. The open schooling project is performed in collaborations with a science center (Exploratoriet), a cooperative of forest industries (Mera Skog), and Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner (RISE) to involve students in sustainable forest product design. The teaching learning activity contribute to teaching for sustainable development by focussing on creativity processes, as living today requires new strategies to handle the future. The project was named “Skogssnilleblixten”, which roughly translates as a combination of the terms forest and stroke of genius.


  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14


  • Forest use Vs. Forest protection


  • More than 10 hours

Invitation: Does your class want to take on the challenge and join a fun and educational mission to highlight the role of forests in the transition to a more sustainable society? 

Humans have always used what we find in nature to solve problems and create new things that improve our lives. For sustainable development, we also need to think about future generations to meet their needs. This requires renewable materials and energy-saving products. Forests can help to achieve this. 

Students during the inspirational session at the science center Exploratoriet
Students and teachers being introduced to Skogssnilleblixten and Exploratoriet

Presentation of created products for families, students and the jury at the multiplying event at Campus Skellefteå.