Roll the dice! New MULTIPLIERS board game on antimicrobial resistance

By Èlia Tena, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

As part of the MULTIPLIERS project in Barcelona, a dice game was co-created by the local Open Schooling Community (OSC) to enhance pupils’ understanding of antimicrobial resistance. The game was designed to make the topic more accessible and engaging to 14-16 year old students, touching upon complex issues such as the unpredictability of bacterial mutations and the effect of environmental conditions on bacterial resistance and growth.

Each game includes a dice collection, mutation cards, environmental condition cards, and a game board. Different game sets have been distributed among the five high schools involved in the project in Barcelona, where the game has been used to spark interesting discussions on antibiotic use and microbial adaptation.

After the testing and improvement phase, instructions on how to conduct the game in class will be made available for download on the MULTIPLIERS Open Schooling Hub.