Connecting schools and society #1 – How to prepare a video shoot

The aim of this activity is to foster students’ skill to communicate their own knowledge to others in an interesting and sustainable way. They learn to take the perspective of others and deal intensively with the topic in order to decide what information is relevant and how to present it best. This encourages creativity and deepens their own knowledge. In addition, students learn how to use media professionally and to create educational videos independently of the topic.

Antimicrobial Resistance #4 – Development of the open schooling projects (Sequence 1)

The aim of this activity is to promote knowledge construction and validation, creative action, as well as self-efficacy through collaboration among the students to create possible solutions to AMR while taking ownership of their learning. The activity introduces students to their mission to start an awareness-raising campaign for AMR consisting of different open schooling projects, thus having an impact at the local level. The different open schooling projects and guiding steps are summarised in the Students’ resources section below.

Connecting schools and society toolkit

This toolkit aims to connect schools and society, enlarging science learning projects to incorporate school and local communities. Activities can be performed in schools or informal learning settings.