What we do

  • We increase students’ interest in science by exploring societal and environmental challenges and making scientific findings relevant to their everyday lives
  • We make science more tangible by involving students in data collection and decision-making processes
  • We support students in developing analytical and critical thinking skills to ultimately make them knowledge multipliers
  • We help students evaluate the benefits and consequences of multi-faceted issues and foster interactions with science professionals
  • We actively involve families and wider communities in the project through our open-school science learning approach
  • We establish sustainable Open Science Communities (OSCs) by engaging different societal actors in science-learning processes
  • We influence school and curriculum development by providing educators and policymakers with guidelines and recommendations (the upcoming ‘MULTIPLIERS White Book’) for adopting open schooling

MULTIPLIERS is a member of the Open Schooling Together initiative, a joint collaboration between several Horizon 2020 projects promoting the concept of Open Schooling. To learn more, visit their website.

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