Air pollution #4 -How is polluted air and who causes it? (upper primary students)


Èlia Tena, Caterina Solé and Digna Couso


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The aim of this activity is to make students aware on the main sources of air pollution and how we measure the air pollution index.


  • 10
  • 11
  • 12


  • Air pollution


  • Between 1-2 hours

Students’ resources

The activity starts asking the student what the difference is observed between two photos of the city of Barcelona made in the same point.  After identifying the grey cloud that appears in the first one and not in the second and talk about their hypothesis of who could have caused them, students will identify in a fictional map what are the main pollution sources.

Then an original chart of the origin of air pollution will be presented and students will discuss about their results. Finally, the air quality measurement stations of Catalonia which are responsible for the previous graph is presented to the students and some of their samples will be observed with the naked eye and with a magnifying glass.

Digital magnifier

Teachers’ resources

In this activity we will present the digital magnifier as a tool that help us to observe some things that we are not able to see without it. In addition, students can manipulate and familiarize with them.