Biodiversity and Agriculture #2 – Potato Tasting


Hannah Kwella, Jana Schilbert, Amélie Tessartz, Annette Scheersoi


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

The goal of the activity is to pass on the students’ knowledge they have gained from meeting the experts at the farm. They can set up a potato tasting stand which allows the students to sustainably convey knowledge to visitors through hands-on experiences and learning with all senses (taste, smell, appearance, feel).


  • 08
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  • Biodiversity and agriculture


  • Less than 1 hour

The potato stand can be set up and used in various settings. On the school’s open house day, at school festivals, or during lunch breaks for other students. 

For preparation, the students can create posters to share their knowledge about potatoes and their experiences on the farm. Offering different cooked potato varieties for comparison is a good idea, so that, for example, a ranking of the most popular varieties can be created. In addition, they can also use the different varieties to prepare typical potato dishes in advance (possibly with the help of parents).