Biodiversity and Agriculture #2 – Potato Tasting

The goal of the activity is to pass on the students’ knowledge they have gained from meeting the experts at the farm. They can set up a potato tasting stand which allows the students to sustainably convey knowledge to visitors through hands-on experiences and learning with all senses (taste, smell, appearance, feel).

Biodiversity and Agriculture #1 – Research Diary

The aim of the activity is to secure the experiences and deepen the knowledge that the students gain during their visit to a farm. The material can be adapted to the respective circumstances as needed and serves as a memory aid for the lessons that build upon the farm visit.

Biodiversity and Agriculture toolkit

Protecting biodiversity while ensuring food security for people is one of the major challenges of our time. Human intervention in nature affects biological diversity, with traditional agriculture playing a central role. Land use change, pesticides and disease control measures lead to a drastic decline in various plant and animal populations.
How can we strike a balance between environmental protection and food security? To bring younger elementary school students into contact with these topics, this toolkit introduces key concepts in biodiversity and agriculture through outdoor learning activities.