Clean Water & Sanitation #2 – Debate “Tap Water vs Bottled Water”


Daniela Bergamotti



The aim of this activity is to make students aware of the environmental impact of their water consumption habits and to contrast preconceived ideas and distrust of tap water with evaluating evidence and supporting claims. Students learn to develop argumentative skills and formulate creative solutions to this socio-scientific issue.


  • 14
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  • 19


  • Clean water and sanitation


  • Between 2-5 hours

To explore different types of drinking water and the consequences of our consumption habits, students do some research and then run a class debate on “Tap Water vs. Bottled Water”. Prior to the debate, students are invited to read and discuss reliable articles/web sources on water prices, the safety of bottled water, water consumption habits, health aspects, environmental impact of bottled water.

The debate can take place in the classroom and is coordinated by the teachers, also in cooperation with experts. It includes discussion and brainstorming on the quality aspects of different types of water and the environmental impact of our consumption habits. The students’ argumentative skills are evaluated using a specific rubric.

Students’ resources

Debate rules and procedures.

Teachers’ resources

Debate evaluation rubric.