Clean Water & Sanitation #1 – Presentation of integrated water management: quality, processes and facilities


Daniela Bergamotti



Water management is crucial to sustainable development because clean freshwater and sanitation services are essential to human health and well-being. The aim of this activity is to provide an introduction to integrated water management and water quality, with a particular focus on the situation in students’ local area.


  • 14
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  • 19


  • Clean water and sanitation


  • Between 5-10 hours

This activity includes a presentation on integrated water management, focusing on:

  • Drinking water management, in cooperation with utility company experts, with particular focus on technologies and issues such as water loss prevention, water scarcity, climate change, drought and desertification, regulations and best practices;
  • water quality; and
  • sewage networks and treatment systems, with a focus on the recovery and reuse of discharge water and sludge.

This is followed by:

  • a visit to the local water supply system reservoir;
  • a visit to the local sewage treatment plant; and
  • a visit to the water and wastewater lab, where technicians assisted the students in analysing water and wastewater samples, also using spectrophotometric methods. 

Students’ resources

Presentation on drinking water and sewage management.

Teachers’ resources

Evaluation test on water management and quality.