Biodiversity #2 – Biodiversity and birds


Gregor Torkar, Hana Rožman, Žan Rode


University of Ljubljana, BirdLife Slovenia

The aim of this activity was to initiate a collaboration between educational, non-educational and research agents, to raise students’ awareness of science-related careers through a meaningful interaction between experts and students, and to increase students’ interest in science through activities developed in an authentic context related to biodiversity and birds.


  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19


  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services


  • More than 10 hours

The activity develops in two steps:

  • Meeting with bird experts and nature interpreters in two nature reserves to study bird diversity and conservation, and
  • Participation in various activities in the experts’ facilities and in the school to promote bird conservation.

Activity description

Before the excursions, teachers and upper secondary school students collected information about the nature reserves on the Internet (webpage They clearly defined the aim and objectives of the activity. Teacher communicated the aim and objectives with the expert from the BirdLife Slovenia.

Afterwards, the students visited bird experts and nature interpreters in nature reserves (Škocjanski zatok, Ormoške lagune). Both nature reserves are wetlands of anthropogenic origin and have been renaturalised for the purpose of bird and nature conservation. The students observed the bird diversity and studied the history of the areas, also with the aim of expanding and sharing their knowledge about the highlighted SSI. The students worked in groups and collected data (notes, photos, observations with binoculars…).

Article developed by students in Slovenia

Students then chose a specific topic in groups and created a draft of the product they would use to present the SSI they were studying. Then they continued their work at school and presented the final product:

  • Written report on the field trip to nature reserves, which was published in the school’s online newspaper.
  • A poster about endangered species in the nature reserve.
  • A comic strip about the anthropogenic origin of nature reserves.
  • A video clip about each nature reserve published on Youtube.
Article developed by students in Slovenia


Students visit and explore the nature reserve “Škocjanski zatok” in Slovenia.