Forests toolkit #6 – Decision-making on local forest issues


Lina Varg, Christina Ottander, Johanna Engström and Madelene Olsson


Umeå University

This teaching learning sequence consists of three activities which aim to introduce and engage students in real or fictional cases concerning local issues of forest exploitation in a local context.


  • 10
  • 11
  • 12


  • Forest use Vs. Forest protection


  • More than 10 hours

Activity A: The forest area excursion

To get immersed in the type of environment that is later to be considered and discussed in relation to the cases, the students were invited to an excursion with a biologist working for the municipality. During the excursion into forests, the biologist interacted with the students, the teacher and a researcher to explore the characteristics of each of four different types of forests.

Activity B: The cases and decision-making

By engaging students in real or fictional cases the students get an opportunity to explore democratic issues, learn about different perspectives and use these perspectives as a basis for making a decision about the cases along with reasoning behind their decision.

Students’ resources: Case descriptions and map

Teachers’ resources: Case descriptions, map and power point presentation